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Stone Floor Cleaning & Restoration

With over 18 years stone floor cleaning  & restoration, at Abbey Floor Care we'll back our professional cleaning services against any other company.

We restore both residential and commercial floors such as; marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo, stone, ceramic, porcelain, concrete and grout using the most up to date stone floor cleaners.

abbey floor care marble polishing picture


Professional marble cleaning services to clean and polish your marble floor with the right stone floor cleaning machines with no fear of causing damage to your floors or your furnishings

abbey floorcare travertine polishing image


Are you frustrated with your dirty travertine floor? Is it difficult to clean? Are there unsightly dirty holes?

image of abbey floor care limestone restoration


Is your limestone floor marked and difficult to clean? Is it covered in black specks? Are you looking for help to clean your limestone floor

image of terrazzo restoration by abbey floor care


Has your terrazzo floor lost its shine? Have you noticed parts of the floor have become dull and discoloured?

image of cleaning quarry tiles by abbey floor care

Quarry Tiles

Do your quarry ties need a deep clean? Are you looking for help and advice from a specialist soone floor cleaner?

image of abbey floor care cleaning victorian minton tiles

Minton Tiles

Have you discovered a Minton Tile Floor in your home that needs restoration? Are old sealers a nightmare to remove?

image of granite polishing by abbey floor care


Has your granite floor lost its shine? Are scuffs and scratches fuining the look?

image of abbey floor care cleaning and re-sealing chinese slate floor


Does you slate floor need re-sealing? Are there spots that won't go away?

image of abbeyfloorcare cleaning and sealing a sandstone floor


Has your sandstone floor got dirty and difficult to clean? Is it making your home uninviting to visitors?

abbey floor care cleaning and sealing terracotta floor tiles


Has your terracotta floor lost its finish? Are spiots and spills making your floor look ugly and difficult to clean?

image of abbey floor care cleaning dirty grout

Dirty Grout

Are you sick of damaging your fingernails trying to clean dirty grout lines? Why not change the colour of your grout.

image of abbey floor care cleaning and resealing amtico luxury vinyl floor

Luxury Vinyl

Is your perfect looking Amtico floor dull and scratched? Are you aware of the difference between Sealing and Re-Coating? Save yourself time and money?

Why Choose Our Services?

As soon as you start to notice problems with the floors in your home or business (spots and stains, dull stone floors, scratched stone floors) it is unlikely that you will be able to correct the problem without professional stone floor cleaning services.


testimonial for Abbey Floor Care by Mrs. SimpkinsDavid came along and sorted
our stone floor problem out
straight away. Very particular
to make sure every area was cleaned.
– Mrs. Simkins

Testimonial for Abbey Floor Care by Mrs. RaybouldDavid is a fantastic cleaner. I have used him for years and years. He always does a fantastic job.” – Mrs. Raybould

testimonial by mrs alhmbrasaniDavid did an excellent job on my floor.It looks lovely now.

testimonial by mrs valeDavid has been to my home three times now and every time he does a good job and he is a pleasure to work with.

mr barker testimonialWe have used david's services for a number of years now. Hea always gives great service.

David-DerbyYet, you may try to do the stone floor restoration yourself. Or you may ignore the problem, in the hope that your family, guests and visitors will not see it. However, it is unlikely that you will have any lasting success.

This is because when a stone floor problem becomes visible, it is often way past a do it yourself solution. This is because we look at our floors when we are standing. So when a floor looks dirty it is absolutely packed with dirt, because the dirt has become ingrained in the surface. When a stone floor starts to look dull it will be full of scratches and soils that mopping will not solve.

You Can Rely On Our Stone Restoration Services

When it comes to cleaning an restoring your floors, you are better off by calling on the services of a stone floor cleaning and polishing specialist.

stone floor cleaning restorationWe have the experience, expertise and stone floor cleaning equipment to clean, and seal your floors properly, so they stay cleaner for longer.

You also get the added benefit that by investing in your floors, you will save money by not having to replace them prematurely.

You can delay calling in the professionals by having a daily maintenance programme best suited to your floor.

Do you dry sweep your stone floors before you mop them? Do you know if your stone floor cleaner is damaging your floor?

Most floor problems start with the wrong kind of maintenance. If you would like to know how to clean a stone floor, get some helpful stone floor cleaning training and advice on cleaning stone floors, then we will be happy to recommend the best cleaning method.